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To our valued Customers,

Please be advised Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. will cease manufacturing all “SM” heat shrink tubing products effective 12/31/15. Don’t worry, the “SM-3” tubing (used  on the model III and IV print systems) will be readily available for years to come.

We understand this decision may have an impact on your business and therefore have created the following FAQ’s to help you make internal inventory changes and final purchasing decisions. Please note the following important dates and plan accordingly.

Last Time Buy – 12/31/2015
Last Ship Date – 3/31/2016
(These dates are for SM tubing only, Not SM-3 tubing)

Why the change?
“SM” heat shrink tubing products are compatible only with SumiMark I and II Marking Systems. Sumitomo (SEIP) has not supported these systems for many years. In addition, a key component required for manufacturing of the SM heat shrink tubing products has become obsolete.

Which tubing part numbers are affected?
All part numbers with a SM preceding the product description. Example-SM12, 1/8, WHITE, SPL. This includes all SM12, SM23, SM24 and SM60 product sizes and colors.

Which SumiMark Marking Systems are affected?
Only SumiMark I and II Marking System models will be affected by this change and will effectively become non-operational due to this change. SumiMark III and IV Marking System models will not be affected.

What are my replacement options?
We encourage all customers using SM tubing products to upgrade to the latest SumiMark IV 300 DPI Marking System. This new system is compatible with SM3 heat shrink tubing products and utilizes our new Sumilabel software. SM3 tubing is a direct replacement to SM tubing. However, SM3 tubing cannot be used with SumiMark I and II Marking Systems.

Please don’t dispair, we are offering a special discounted cost for all customers who have a model I or II print system looking to upgrade. Contact sales@silverstatewire.com with the keyword, “Sumimark-one” for the special pricing.

Important Note: This change does NOT affect SM3 heat shrink products.

If you have further questions regarding this notice, please contact your Silver State Wire & Cable team member at (775) 356-8969, or via email at sales@silverstatewire.com

Thank you for your continued support as a customer!

Sumimark III Print System – Support Notice

May 6th, 2015

For 30 years Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. has provided the highest quality interconnect products for critical applications. During this time we have adapted to numerous technological advancements which have ultimately helped our customers. Such a time has come again.

This announcement is being provided to you as notification Sumitomo Electric (San Marcos, CA.) will cease hardware support for the SumiMark III Marking System effective June 1, 2015. Sumitomo will continue to offer consumable items such as print heads, cutter blades, cutter blocks and ribbons for the near future. To ensure you are able to continue enjoying all the benefits of SumiMark products, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest SumiMark IV 300 DPI Marking System. The SumiMark IV 300 DPI utilizes the same consumable items as the SumiMark III, but has significant improvements such as USB and Ethernet interfaces, network printing capabilities. It also is delivered stock with the new Sumilabel software which offers much greater flexibility than the SumiMark 6.0 software. The SumiMark IV 300 DPI also features many mechanical upgrades which provide an easier, faster and quieter operation – all in a compact frame!

To view a SumiMark IV 300 DPI Marking System data sheet, please click here. 

For a comparison of the SumiMark IV 300 DPI and SumiMark III, please click here

If you need further assistance in identifying which SumiMark products are best suited to your individual applications, please contact us at:
Phone: 775.356.8969
We would be happy to help with any printable tubing application you might have!