14 Ways to be more positive at work

  1. During The Commute

Listen to audio books, podcasts, or inspirational music on your commute both to, and from your workplace. This will help you get ready for the day, as well as unwind on your way home.

  1. Arrive Early

Arrive early and focus on the tasks required for the day. Who knows, you might even get done early and have time to get prepared for your next tasks in line.

  1. Break Times

Use this time to celebrate your achievements so far, or possibly re-focus your day. Try to avoid using your break as time to get caught up.

  1. “Meeting” Options

Walking meetings help focus. Maybe not all can be in an extra-curricular environment, but one meeting like this a day could help. Also, try to leave any meeting with clear and achievable objectives.

  1. Health & Well Being

Exercise is proven to reduce stress and the resulting feel good factor can boost your productivity, while leaving you in a healthy mindset. Add some quick calisthenics to your day to keep your chi in the right place.

  1. Pace Yourself

Rushing tasks will create more errors that are inevitably more work fixing in the long run. This doesn’t mean you should slow down. Find your tempo and try to stick with it throughout the day.

  1. Support

Share your achievements with others and support their work as well. Team building is the key to a successful work group.

  1. Be Positive

Infuse genuine, positive emotions into your work and colleagues. Enjoy the contagious nature.

  1. Compassion

Remain compassionate to negative colleagues. People are usually negative for a reason. Perhaps they need to see or hear your good attitude to get out of a slump.

  1. Collaboration

Never be afraid to ask for help. Collaborate with others to achieve mutual goals.

  1. Office Politics

Don’t get bogged down with office politics. Focus on your tasks and what is needed of you.

  1. Boring Jobs

Bite the bullet and face the mind numbing tasks head on. This will get you through them and on to the things you like doing most.

  1. Constructive Criticism

Understand any criticism aimed at you and use the feedback to improve you own work. A winning team has a coach or coaches who critique their players as much as possible.

  1. Adapt

Business changes and you must adapt in order to survive. Make sure you are open and adaptable rather than resisting change. Better yet, stay ahead of the curve and keep an eye and ear on what changes may be coming. You could even talk about it at your next meeting.

Last of all, “Good job!”

Josh Lee